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11 Travel YouTubers With <50k Subscribers You Should Watch

If you’ve been watching the same YouTubers over and over again and want to find some great new creators to follow, I got your short list right here. These are content creators I have discovered and been following for the last year. Maybe you’ve heard of a couple of them. Maybe not, but these creators are young and hungry.

Follow them and grab those bragging rights when they blow up and you can say you watched them even before they were big.

#8 Jax Austin

Ever thought about buying a bus, cleaning it out and living on it? If not you probably should, It's one of the economical ways to live and travel. Follow Jax as he does just that and shares stories of others doing the same.

    #11 SMAL

    A fantastic story teller with a bright future ahead of himself. His work continues to become more refined. I am really excited to see where his content gets to in a few years.


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