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16 Skill Focused Travel Ideas For Morocco

Morocco is an incredible country.

It’s not the cheapest country for a long Skill Focused Travel trip, but nor it the most expensive either.

The dynamic landscape and friendly Berber culture make this country a great place to learn.

If you want to see all the opportunities the abound in Morocco, check out the list below.

#1 Learn How To Ski

No seriously.
Morocco, the place you picture for camel tours in the desert has ski resorts.
Just imagine the look on your friend's face she asks where you learned to ski and you say Morocco.

    #2 Become a moroccon chef

    Moroccan food has an incredible blend of cultures from both the Mediterranean and from Africa.
    There are plenty of classes you can take to learn, but my recommendation is to always find a local willing to take you in and show you the ropes.
    Berber hospitality is world renowned so I doubt this will be hard to find if you go looking for it.
    Just remember to be respectful and supportive of your hosts.

      #3 Become a road cyclist

      Some of the best roads to explore in the world are nestled deep in the mountains of Morocco.
      Cyclists also consider them to be some of the most challenging.
      Becoming a cyclist in Morocco is not for the feint of heart, but for those willing to push through the reward is incredible scenery.

        #5 Study the Quran

        The Quran, also spelled Koran, is the main text of the Muslim religion.
        This text is one of the most misunderstood texts in history.
        Interpretation of its words have led to wars.
        Even if you're not a religious person, reading the Quran is a valuable insight into a culture that accounts for nearly a quarter of the world population.

          #7 Become a master craftsman

          Ever wanted how to become a craftsman?
          Moroccan people, specifically Berbers, are famous for their hand crafted work.
          If you have the patience to learn, Morocco is a great place to learn how to make crafts with the level of care and detail only the Berbers are famous for.

            #8 Learn how to surf

            Morocco doesn't get a lot of recognition for it's surf culture.
            That's part of why it's so awesome.
            Morocco has some of the best surfing the the world.
            With few crowds and great surf you'll find few places on the planet more suited for rapid progression than Morocco.

              #10 Become a salty fisherman

              Morocco is located at the mouth of the Mediterranean.
              That means you'll get the best of both worlds for fishing.
              Morocco has a thriving fishing industry.
              That's more than most countries can claim.
              There is a staggering variety of sea life up for the challenge.
              Take to the ocean as the locals too and tempt your luck against sea.

                #11 Learn proper skin care

                Morocco is famous for their hammams.
                Hammam is a Turkish style spa.
                It's an experience that will leave you tender and relaxed.
                One thing is for sure.
                Your skin will never feel so soft.
                Going to a hammam once is an experience.
                Going several times is required to truly appreciate the lifestyle.
                Morocco is also famous for their skin care products.
                If you want to learn how to properly care for your largest organ, the northern tip of Africa is a great place to start.

                  #12 Learn how to soar

                  Paragliding is an amazing way to achieve the sensation of flight.
                  The hot desert air is great for catching thermals that can extend your experience.
                  With such a beautiful landscape Morocco is also the perfect location to explore from above.

                    #13 Take your rock climbing to the next level

                    The Atlas mountains spread all across Northern Africa.
                    This region is a mecca for rock climbers.
                    The sand torn mountains make for a deeply complex and varying playground.
                    There is something here for all climbers.
                    Join up with the local dirt bag culture and navigate your way through the desert mountain range.

                      #14 Learn how to read

                      Arabic is one of the most widely used writing systems behind Latin.
                      The language follow a whole different set of rules.
                      For example, the language is written from right to left.
                      Arabic is used in a variety of languages.

                        #15 Assimilate the Berber culture

                        Berber is an ancient culture.
                        They have their own rules they live by.
                        Their lifestyle is steeped in deep tradition.
                        That said, modern society has driven the Berber people to follow new ways of life.
                        There are still plenty of Berber people living the old ways.
                        Find a host and learn what it means to live as a Berber.

                          #16 Learn how to ride a camel

                          Sure you can join a tour group and be hand led on a camel, but that feels a little like a kid in a petting zoo.
                          Why not explore buying your own camel, learning how to take care of that camel and ride it across Morocco.
                          You'll have a new found respect for this animal and you'll be able to explore Morocco in a way most never get to see.


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