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22 Travel YouTube Channels I'm Watching Right Now

During the 2020 lock down we’ve all been binging a lot of TV, movies, and YouTube content. Looking for some great channels both old and new to explore. Here are 20 channels I’ve been watching way too much.

#1 Living Bobby

The ultimate budget traveler bobby's channel is filled with golden budget finds. He's constantly pushing himself to find experiences that often cost as little as $1.

Travel doesn't have to be expensive to be exciting or unique.

    #2 Lost LeBlanc

    Lost LeBlanc is arguably one of the most popular travel channels on YouTube. A solo vlogger producing travel videos on par with full travel productions.

    No doubt many of the newer travel vlogs have been produced off of the inspiration of Christian LeBlanc.

      #4 SV Delos

      I used to work with the younger brother of the crew of SV Delos. They've spend the last 10 years travelling the world in their 53 foot sailboat.

      They've taken countless friends along the way as they explore some of the most remote destinations in the world.

      Now the adventure is starting up in a whole new way as Karin and Brian bring a new baby on board for the adventure.

        #5 Bobby Laukaitis

        One of the craziest travel vloggers you'll see. Bobby has traveled to some of the most extreme destinations in the world. Places that are at the very bottom of most people's to see list. Places like Syria and North Korea

          #6 High On Life

          High On Life is well known through out the travel community. While they seem to have slowed way down, we're all hoping they are not done.

          For now they have plenty of content worth a second watch. Or third. Or fourth.

            #7 Nomad Capitalist

            Most travelers are not the most financially savvy. They funnel most of their funds right back into their adventures.

            Nomad capitalist is a breath of fresh air showing how the financially savvy can leverage opportunities in other countries to live a better life.

            His content is geared toward six figure earners and up, but there's still a wealth of information for the masses.

              #8 Sam Kolder

              One of the most famous cinematic travel vloggers. Each production is its own work of art.

              Follow Sam on Instagram too and you'll get to peer into his work life where two seconds of content can take hours to produce.

                #9 Mark Wiens


                You're about to be.

                Mark Wiens is the ultimate travel foodie. If you want to explore some of the most exotic and curious culinary delights, then Mark Wiens is your man.

                  #10 Dylan Magastar

                  The digital nomad world traveler is also a tiny living aficionado.

                  I don't know how he collects all those tiny home walkthroughs as Dylan has been sailing the world.

                  Some how he pulls it off, and I'm very thankful for it, because the content is fascinating for those interested in alternative living.

                    #11 Collin Abroadcast

                    Ever been to an open air market and wondered what everything is really worth?

                    Collin has been purchasing from open air markets for years and knows what's a fair price, what's a bargain, and what's a total rip off.

                    Follow Collin into markets and learn just how much that stuff really sells for when you're not getting the foreigner price.

                      #12 Kinging It

                      My favorite quirky couple. Kinging it has taken maximizing a minimal budget for grand adventures to all new extremes. They seem completely opposed to travel by ordinary means as they travel contents by camper vans, DIY buses, and Tuk Tuks.

                        #13 Monkey Abroad

                        While much of the outside world seems skeptical of life in China, one vlogger has completely embraced life in the east.

                        While other travel vloggers show you the tourist side of Asia, Kevin takes you deep into the culture. The sort of depth most travelers unfortunately overlook.

                          #15 Jake Rich

                          GoPro content lover, Jake Rich shows how you can make great videos with small cameras. Most vloggers, including myself, get caught up in buying the next great camera, when even a GoPro is capable of telling stories.

                            #16 Fearless & Far

                            Another channel that is an exciting blend of budget travel and adventure travel.

                            This channel has also done some great philanthropy showing it doesn't always take a big wallet to make a difference.

                            In a recent video we saw mike donate thousands of bananas to feed the youth in Bangladesh.

                              #17 Youngbloods

                              One of the fastest growing YouTube channels on the platform, Brodie Moss from Youngbloods shows remote coastal Australia in all its beauty.

                              This channel has the true makings of a lifestyle brand and I can only hope the brand branches out to other content creators to form a Youngbloods empire.

                              While everyone else is groaning about isolation, Brodie Moss has been thriving in it.

                                #18 The Nomadic Movement

                                Ever want to just get away and start a whole new life in far away land? A life of sustainable living in a sleepy countryside that seems isolated from 1st world craziness?

                                The Nomadic Movement has done just that. Or rather, they are in the middle of it. Follow along as this young couple builds their own tiny living community in Panama.

                                  #19 Johnny FPV

                                  Drones have become something of a staple in travel vlogs. With so much drone content out there, it can be hard to differentiate.

                                  Johnny FPV has taken drone footage to a whole new level and as a result he's blowing up right now.

                                  Watch just one of his videos and you'll soon realize your watching something you've never seen before.


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