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25 Cheap activities to do while saving for your next adventure

Saving up for your next big adventure can be a painful tedious process.

Life can get expensive too.

If you’re not careful you’ll end up over spending when you should be saving and the start date of your adventures will keep getting pushed back.

I put this list together of 25 cheap activities…

Hopefully not so ordinary activities like in most lists…

For you to do while saving for your next trip.

There is a great mix here of things that are just for fun, and things that will help you improve yourself.

#1 Start Doing 30 Day Challenges

In the last few months I've been taking on a new 30 day challenge each month.
First, it was not using single use plastics.
Then I gave up coffee for 30 days.
Now I'm working out every day for 30 days straight.
These challenges have helped me build some really great habits and with each one, I learn a little bit more about myself.
30 day chunks are manageable for any project, and it makes the time fly by but in a good and meaningful way.
Have you been wanting to change things up?
Turn it in to a 30 day challenge.

    #2 Brew Kombucha

    Kombucha has been picking up in popularity lately.
    I thought it was just a drink for hippies, but after trying a few brews I've come to love it.
    Kombucha goes down like a beer but doesn't leave you feeling guilty.
    Now I'm always reaching for a bottle of this stuff instead of a beer or cocktail.
    It's a little expensive since no one is producing it at scale, but with a little patience you can brew it yourself.
    You got time right now, so why not?

      #3 Create A GO Bag

      The secret tool for all who consider themselves wanderlust.
      The Go bag is simply a spare backpack equipped with all the essentials for a last minute trip.
      It's best to keep your GO Bag in your car.
      Got a call Friday afternoon to meetup with some friends at the beach for the weekend?
      No need to go home and pack.
      You're ready to go.

        #4 Drive Into Town To Check Out A Free Concert Or Film

        My home city, like so many other places, puts on free movie showings and concerts in the local parks.
        I've been able to see some pretty incredible acts for free.
        Not just small acts, larger ones too.
        Like Smash Mouth, Sugar Ray, and DJ Jazzy Jeff.

          #5 Play The True American Drinking Game

          The rules are a bit vague even if you've watched every episode of the show.
          It's the greatest drinking game you've never played.
          Grab some roommates and friends and finally play the one drinking game you all always talk about but never actually do.

            #6 Learn A New Language

            Planning on going to a foreign land where the native language is not your own?
            Get a head start on picking up the local language by killing a few minutes here or there on apps like Duolingo.
            This app is super easy to use.
            I've been picking up Indonesian recently.

              #8 Turn Your Car Into A Weekend Warrior Machine

              Camper vans seem like the ultimate way to travel cross country, but I'm not ready to give up my daily driver to get one.
              Not yet anyway.
              Why not head to the Army surplus / thrift store to outfit your trunk with everything needed to turn your daily driver into the ultimate weekend camping machine?
              Car Glamping is a great way to explore on the cheap while saving up for bigger trips.

                #9 Create A Home Workout Routine And Stick With It

                Home workouts can be a great way to get in shape but most people don't want to do them.
                Create your own version instead of buying that P90X series.
                Home workouts don't have to be done at home either.
                Thailand it's standard for people to do their workouts in the park.
                Follow suit and do the same.

                  #10 Start An Investment Account

                  Saving up for big trips kind of sucks.
                  No one wants to spend their entire life working.
                  Start an investment account and start putting a little away every month.
                  It doesn't have to be so much it puts off your travel plans forever, but a little each month will allow you to eventually retire and maybe even travel indefinitely.
                  Sounds good to me.

                    #11 Create A Travel Music Playlist

                    Stay inspired while getting ready to travel.
                    Stay inspired while travelling.
                    I jammed out to my travel playlist everyday while travelling through Asia.
                    Don't just grab a few songs.
                    Go deep.
                    Find some old favorites, discover some new ones, mix it up.

                      #12 Take An Online Class

                      Online classes are often very cheap, like $20 cheap, or even free.
                      Digital Nomadism is taking over, but do you have the skills to get into the lifestyle?
                      Start learning how to make money from your laptop anywhere.
                      This agonizing period of saving up for your next adventure could just be your last when you're earning and travelling at the same time.

                        #13 Find Your Old Skateboard And Explore

                        Skateboarding is really making a comeback.
                        It's cool again.
                        Or was it always cool?
                        I recently dusted off my old long board and went out in search of some long buttery roads to cruise around on.
                        I've fallen in love with long boarding again.
                        Can't remember why I stopped.

                          #14 Pick Up Some Card Tricks Or Party Tricks

                          Bored beyond belief?
                          Grab a cheap pack of playing cards or some juggling balls.
                          Card tricks are always a great way to impress others.
                          Once you learn them you're pretty much set for life.
                          When it comes time to travel take your tricks on the road as an easy way to meet people and make friends.

                            #15 Create A Hydroponic Garden

                            Traditional gardens are boring.
                            Hydroponics are the way of the future and more fun to build.
                            $30 in your pocket and a trip to Home Depot will net you everything you need to get started.
                            The best part is the crops you grow will offset your grocery bills so you'll end up saving even more money.

                              #16 Be Like An Artist And Go Big

                              What's the difference between you and an artist?
                              It might just be the willingness to try.
                              Use this time as an opportunity to try your hand at art.
                              Start working on some large art piece like a big fancy artist.
                              Look for things around the house to create with.
                              Go dumpster diving.
                              Just have fun creating something from nothing.
                              It doesn't have to meaning anything to you or anyone.
                              This is just a chance to doing something creative for creativity's sake.
                              You might just find a new interest.
                              Or Not.

                                #17 Offer to watch a neighbor’s kids for free.

                                Most people who read this site are too old to claim babysitting as a profession.
                                Do it for the fun of it.
                                Your neighbors would absolutely love the opportunity for a date night, and you'll get the opportunity to make a blanket fort and eat pizza.
                                Kids get to look at the world with fresh eyes which is the same way we get to look at the world when travelling.
                                Travelers have more in common with kids than many of their peers.

                                  #18 Act Way Too Young For Your Age And Play Some Night Games

                                  Remember kick the can?
                                  Get some friends together and relive your childhood with an evening of all those night games you used to play before everyone had cellphones.
                                  Just remember to put your phone away first.
                                  The glow of the screen will give away your position.

                                    #19 Start A Website Or Write A Book

                                    Now is the perfect time to start creating a blog or to write a book that puts your thoughts out into the ether.
                                    It could be for fun, or it could turn into something bigger.
                                    What do you enjoy talking about.
                                    People could be willing to pay you to talk about it.

                                      #20 Sell Your Stuff

                                      Stuff is often the antithesis of long term travel.
                                      Holding on to stuff costs money.
                                      Let go and minimalize.
                                      The extra cash you get from selling your stuff will help you fill the travel kitty much faster.

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