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27 Skill Focused Travel Adventures You Can Have In America

Skill Focused Travel (SFT): Travelling with the intent of gaining a new talent or ability during your adventure.

While travelling to Italy to learn how to cook a perfect pizza, or spending a month in Bordeaux France to learn about wine sounds very romantic, there are a number of SFT opportunities in The United States.

Here is a list of some of the most exciting Skill Focused Adventures you could have in the USA.

#1 Learn To Spear Fish In The Gulf Of Mexico

Spear Fishing takes all the excitement of hunting and combines it with fishing. There are a number of reefs around the world where spear fishing has been a popular sport, but few places are as world renowned for big game spear fishing as the Gulf Of Mexico.

    #2 Practice Mixology In Manhattan

    I can't help but think of New York City when I think of a perfectly crafted cocktail. A list of the top 100 bars in the world could easily be flooded with Manhattan locations alone. What better way to learn than to pick up a job at one of the infamous hole in the wall cocktail establishments and make a bit of money as your learn the art of mixology?

      #3 Come To Appreciate Wine In Sonoma County

      Sonoma produces many of the most popular wines in the world. California wine business holds its own against the most famous regions like Italy and France. Spend a summer travelling the region. Volunteer at wineries and sample the best wines around as you learn what it takes to go from grape to bottle.

        #4 Study Acting In LA

        Hollywood is a strange place where everyone in the city seems to be looking for their way on to the red carpet. What better place to try your hand at acting? Chances of getting a big role are one in a million, but there are many smaller projects you could possibly work your way into.

          #5 Work Your Way Across The Bourbon Trail

          Kentucky is the only place in the world you'll find real bourbon. It has become a highly coveted spirit all over the planet. Work your way across the state as you sample different distilleries and gain an understanding of the subtle differences between batches.

            #6 Become A Pit Master In Memphis

            BBQ is an iconic part of American history. There are number of regions with their own unique take on BBQ, but to me, Memphis stands out among the rest. Spend some time in this incredible town as you sample the best BBQ around. Find a few other pit masters to let you in on their secrets and you'll be hosting the most popular parties back home in no time.

              #7 Learn To Fly In The Outer Banks

              The first man to fly took place in Kitty Hawk North Carolina. The area has kept up with the fame and their famous sand dunes have become the places to learn how to fly or glide. Head out to the beach and try your hand at hang gliding to learn what it's like to soar through the air.

                #8 Captain A Yacht In Annapolis

                Known as the sailing capital of the world, Annapolis has deep roots in nautical history. There is no shortage of ship yards here with able bodied sailors to show you the ropes. The coastal waters also make Annapolis a very safe place to learn to sail and offer plenty of coves, islands, and water ways to explore as you learn.

                  #9 Learn To Wakeboard In Orlando

                  Orlando may be most famous for its amusement parks, but they are popular for a number of other activities. With a long list of lakes in the area, Orlando is very popular for water sports. The Orlando Water sports Complex is among the most popular wakeboard parks in the world. The complex is a fantastic place to go from absolute beginner to terrain park expert.

                    #10 Become an Entrepreneur In San Fransisco

                    San Fransisco and the neighboring Silicon Valley are the hottest places for entrepreneurship. If the idea of running your own business sounds exciting, this is the area you need to explore. There are endless opportunities to work with established businesses and rapidly growing startups alike.

                      #13 Harness The Wind With Kite Surfing In The Keys

                      The Florida Keys is a very unique region of the country. The shallow waters among the tiny islands, and warm tropical climate make the Keys an excellent place to learn how to kite surf. Kite shops like Otherside have made this region extremely popular among kiters. They offer fantastic learning packages and can have you up and moving in just a few lessons.

                        #14 Learn To Ski Or Board In Jacksonhole

                        One of the most famous mountains in the world for mountain sports has to be Jackson Hole Wyoming. The mountain gets some of the best weather in the world for the sport of skiing. It has a wide range of terrain and is the perfect place to quickly go from beginner to expert skier.

                          #15 Become A Diver In Key West

                          At the southern most point of The United States lies Key West. While the area is famous for it's open minded atmosphere and laid back lifestyle, it is also surrounded by shallow reefs. The area is a perfect location to get scuba certified and explore the aquatic life that surrounds the region.

                            #16 Learn The Art Of Southern Cuisine In New Orleans

                            Among some of the most famous cuisines in the world is the famous southern cooking palette of America. No doubt there is some French influence here, but the southern regions of America have made their style their own. New Orleans is the place for a foodie to properly explore and learn the craft of southern cooking.

                              #18 Become A Card Shark In Vegas

                              When it comes to pressing your luck, Vegas is the place to do it. There is no place on the planet as famous for gambling as Vegas. While there is a lot of luck involved in most gambling, card games like Texas Holdem and Black Jack require skill and experience. For those interested in the game, this is the place to cut your teeth.

                                #19 Learn To Navigate Rapids In Utah

                                There are a number of incredible rivers all around the country to learn white water rafting. The Colorado River in Utah has to be on your list of places to go though. It regularly sits on top 10 lists for best rapids in the world. While there are smaller rapids around for you to learn on, when your ready, the big rapids of the Colorado await.

                                  #20 Master The Guitar In Nashville

                                  Nashville is the center of the music world in America. No matter where you stand in the city, you'll be a stones throw away from some infamous music legend. If learning the guitar is on your bucket list, head for Nashville. You'll be surrounded with all the inspiration to learn you could possible handle.

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