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3 Cheap Travel Hacks


Christian LeBlanc of the popular Lost LeBlanc YouTube channel has shared some great travel tips in a recent video.

These tips aren’t anything radically new, but he’s done a great job of making these tips feel more attainable.  

The three tips he is offering have been heard over and over again by backpackers.

  1.  Get a hostel “job” while travelling in exchange for free drinks, food, accommodation, etc.
  2. Use couch surfing for a free night’s stay.
  3. Skip the flight and find cheap way’s to travel like the local sleeper train or bus.

Except for hack #3, most backpacker’s have heard of these tips, but never tried them.  They seem a bit risky, or awkward to do.  

What makes Christian’s video superb, is he goes and shows what it’s like to do these three hacks.

The light he sheds on these cost saving activities, might be enough insight for you to go and try them yourself.  As you can see in the video, Christian has an amazing experience.   These cost saving activities actually end up adding to his travel experiences rather than taking away from them.

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