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3 Exercises. No Gym. Best Travel Workout Routine?


As you can tell from the thumbnail, Kevin Cook is in great shape.

No he doesn’t go to the gym.

No he isn’t a professional body builder.

He just does a dead simple workout routine.

Simple, but not easy.

His routine:

– 200 pushups

-50 pullups

-10 handstand pushups

This workout is similar to several celebrity workouts I have come across.

It’s a very challenging workout, but it doesn’t take a long time to complete.

It doesn’t require any special equipment as long as you’re willing to get a little creative.

It’s guaranteed to get you and keep you in shape as long as you stick with it.

Just remember to work your way up to this workout if you’re not already in great shape.

I tried to complete this whole workout after a few months off from working out and my arms tightened up so much I looked like C-3P0 from Star Wars for a week.

Lesson learned, if you’re not already in great shape, this is a great workout to work up to, but don’t over commit too early.

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