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46 Rainy Day Activities For Traveling Creatives

It’s been raining all day at home and it has me thinking back to those rainy days while travelling.  I always tried to find new ways to entertain myself, but sometimes nothing comes to you.

Sometimes you end up staring at the wall.

I put this list together for myself.  Next time I’m abroad I’ll have this list to get the creative juices flowing.  I’ll be able to make the most of my rainy days.

Hopefully it helps you too.

  1. Write a book.  When adventuring has been put on hold, create your own adventure.
  2. Send yourself a postcard to your future self.  Fill it out and ask a friendly concierge to send it on a certain date.  Just be sure to prepay for postage.
  3. Find a stranger in a coffee shop and have a chat.  This is especially great for solo travelers.
  4. Go for a run  There’s something about running in the rain that helps you to clear your head in magical ways.
  5. Go deep in your FB friends list and message an old friend.  You don’t need any special reason to reach out to an old contact.  Just type “what’s up” and hit send.
  6. Find a new favorite cocktail.  If alcohol isn’t your thing, find a great non-alcoholic version.  Look for something unlike anything you’ve had before.
  7. Give acro yoga a try.  Search for how to’s on YouTube, grab a partner and try it out.
  8. Make a fort in your hotel room and watch a travel movie.  Cushion forts are for adults too.
  9. Create a short video of your trip.  Take all the video and photos you captured, and compile it into a short video you can share with friends and family.
  10. Create a story through photography.  Tell a story of the area you’re in through a series of photos.
  11. Go get a message or find a unique spa like a Japanese or Turkish bath house.
  12. Mail a postcard to a complete stranger.  Tell them about your trip.  They might think you’re crazy, or you might make a whole new friend.
  13. Find a covered rooftop bar or cafe and listen to the soothing noise of the rain.
  14. Put on a movie night for your new friends in the hostel lounge
  15. Find a VIP movie theater and get the luxury experience.
  16. Try a new form of meditation.  Google is your friend for guidance.
  17. Learn some basic sentences in a new language and try them out on a local.
  18. Take a cooking class.  Because rainy days are for chefs.
  19. Go to a museum and draw what you see in your travel notebook.  Have a travelling paint set?  Try painting what you see.
  20. Interview a complete stranger and record it to listen to again when you get home. (or for your future podcast)
  21. Organize your digital life.  Clean up your apps list, files, and folders.  Find a new background to give your digital space a breath of fresh air.
  22. Grab some strangers and go to a Karaoke Bar.  Rent out a room and see where things go.
  23. Pick up a fresh deck of cards and learn some cardistry.  You know you’ve always wanted to try it.
  24. Go on a souvenir scavenger hunt competition.  Each person gets $15 to find 4 items on a list, or whoever comes back with the coolest souvenir wins.
  25. Create a crazy fish tale about an adventure from your travels that never really happened. Post in on FB.
  26. Send a message out on social media and see who’s around to hang out.
  27. Trade clothes with another traveler or host a whole gear swap in your hotel / hostel.
  28. Write a letter to yourself.  You could talk about your fears or your aspirations.  Just talk it out with yourself.
  29. Find some new artist in the area, make a connection, and follow them on social media.
  30. Make some art for a local to remember you by.
  31. Create a new body weight workout routine to follow for the rest of your trip.
  32. Learn a new skill on YouTube and try to get proficient at it in one afternoon.
  33. Go for a long lunch.  Order more than once.
  34. Write a song about your trip.  Even if you never play it or show it to anyone.  Just something to make you smile.
  35. Hire a taxi to drive you around the city for a few hours.
  36. Create a new game to play with your hostel mates.  Kings cup, beer pong, flip cup.  They will always remain the biggest games around, but who’s to say you can’t make your own game?
  37. Create your own bar hop trail.  The only rule?  One drink per location.  Keep moving.
  38.  Create the cheesiest video guide to wherever you are.  Remember those cheesy video commercials from late night TV?  Make your own.
  39. Create an online class or guide on anything you know anything about.  Post it on Udemy.  Maybe you’ll fund your next trip off of it.
  40. Buy out a street food cart for the afternoon and give out free meals to passerby’s for the afternoon. At $1 a meal it isn’t that much.
  41. Go to the beach and enjoy the entire place to yourself. Take a long walk down the beach where you have no one else to worry about.
  42. Party like a rock star and throw a room party.
  43. Take a weird food journey and try as many strange foods as you can in an afternoon. Pics or it didn’t happen.
  44. Try to get famous in one afternoon on a random new social media platform.
  45. Enter some travel competitions. Try to score your next trip for free.
  46. Go visit a suburban neighborhood on the outskirts of town to see what local life is really like.

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