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5 Activities To Do In A New City To Get Oriented


Getting to visit a new place is exciting, but it helps to have a bit of comfort with the flow of the city before taking off.
I like to get oriented in a new city as quickly as possible.
There are a few things I like to do like going for a walk in the financial district, find a street food spot to chill at while I explore google maps for the area, and walk through a shopping district or mall.

In John Harris’s case, he does 5 things every time to get oriented quickly.

These five things are:
– Get a coffee from a local shop
– Explore a prominent waterfront
– Grab some pastries from a local bakery
– Check out a big viewpoint
– Explore a popular park

This seems like a pretty great way to get oriented.
The coffee tip is a great piece of advice.
Cafés are one of my favorite places to hang out.
The majority of this site was built in a café.
And then there are the baristas.
If you can catch the barista during the slow times, they’re usually more than willing to let you in on the best spots to check out.
You just need to know the right questions to ask.

I’d ask them:
-Where to get a great cheap meal.
-What’s a good place to hangout on a late afternoon.
– What’s a good place to go for a walk.

These three questions will set you up for a great day in any city.

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