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9 Best Technical Carry-On Backpacks

Not all travel bags are created equal.

Some bags are a dream to live with.  They carry everything you need in an organized fashion.  They stay out of the way to keep you in the moment and they provide you with the peace of mind that all your gear is stored safely inside.

Other bags are a nightmare.  They fall apart on you, they leave your precious gear exposed to the weather and pickpockets.  They make accessing equipment a miserable task.

If you’re after a bag that will become a part of your travel life for years to come, than the bags on this list are what you seek.

#1 Peak Design Travel Backpack

One of the most recent bags to be released, Peak Designs has come up with what I would like to call a unicorn bag.

Every bag I have ever used has it's advantages and its disadvantages. Except this bag. Peak Design's has somehow addressed every gripe a bag enthusiast has ever made.

There has never been another bag like it and I would argue you're going to see a lot of copy cats coming out soon.

Bravo Peak Design. Bravo.

Base Price: $300

    #2 Wandrd Hexad Access Duffel

    Wandrd is a unique bag with a em... uhm... Bad Ass Look! The unique backpack/ duffel bag design has multiple sections. These serve almost as packing cubes for organization of all your different goods.

    You can think of it as a damn good backpack, or you can think of it as one of the best duffel bags to ever have graced this earth.

    Base Price: $259

      #3 Nomatic 40L Backpack

      This bag has more of an urban warrior feel. Imagine if a 22 year old James Bond were exploring the streets of Bangkok, or Budapest, or Tokyo. He'd likely be toting around a Nomatic bag with it's over featured pockets and flaps.

      The Nomatic is an ultra slick bag that feels like it's straight out of a spy movie.

      Base Price: $249

        #4 Pacsafe Venturesafe EXP45

        If security is your primary concern, then this is the bag for you. I traveled with this bag for 7 months in Asia and never feared loosing my valuables once. This bag has safety feature on top of safety feature.

        I did get frustrated with the pack-ability of this bag from time to time, but the peace of mind made it justifiably worth it.

        Base Price: $180

          #5 Minaal Carry-on 2.0

          For the minimalist traveler who doesn't want anything slowing them down, look no further. This bag has the slickest shape bag that will keep you moving fast on your travels.

          This bag keeps the bells and whistles to just the essentials and each of those features is done well.

          The feel, the fit and finish it just feels like it was designed to live on your back. This bag in a way becomes a part of you when you wear it.

          Base Price: $299

            #6 GORUCK GR3

            For the rugged traveler who beats the piss out of their gear. The GR3 is the biggest baddest bag on the block. These things are damn near bullet proof and backed by ex-Green Beret Jason McCarthy.

            This bag has been through the biggest hell holes in the world. Your dainty little backpack trip should be a walk in the park for this bag.

            Base Price: $545

              #7 Hemiplanet Transit Line Backpack

              The transit bag is sort of like the invisible bag. It's stealthy and designed to fit in anywhere. Not just built for travelling, this bag is designed to go from the office, to the gym, and into the unknown.

              It's built for the sustainable urban traveler who isn't afraid to jump out into the back country for a few days.

              Base Price: $250

                #8 Aer Travel Pack

                With a recent face lift, the Aer pack fixed many of it's limitations. This redesign has this sleeper feel to it. It doesn't look over technical. You'd might even skip over it when looking at other bags, but the more you look at it, the more you're drawn in.

                This bag is a feature rich design that doesn't have that travel bag look to it.

                Base Price: $230

                  #9 Tortuga Setout Backpack

                  One of the oldest technical carry-on players in the game, Tortuga is like the backpack company your dad would have been all about, but finally got hip to the younger generation.

                  Their newer bags have become much more advanced in both design and material selection.

                  Base Price: $199


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