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A dream destination the Galapagos Islands


Kenzo from high on life lives a very adventurous life.

He’s been to nearly 30 countries around the world.

He funded a lot of his adventures as a dive instructor.

It’s a great career to get involved in.

Most coastal countries have diving programs in some form and those programs always seem to be in need of instructors and dive masters.

Getting certified is one of the most fun skills I’ve ever learned.

With in a season you can reach a certification level high enough to get you paid.

You won’t be making an engineering salary but it’s usually enough to cover all your travel expenses.

On a recent trip to the ancient Galapagos islands, Kenzo and his crew got to fulfill one of Kenzo’s dreams to dive with hammerheads.

Hammerhead sharks are elusive animals as Kenzo points out in the video above.

Getting to see one in the wild is a special treat.

To see what it took for the High On Life guys to make this dive happen, watch the video above.

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