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Captured By Somali Pirates


Ever heard of Captain Fatty Goodlander?

If not you’re in for a real treat.  

Few people are truly blessed with the art of storytelling.  The old school kind.  The kind where someone starts to talk and the whole room goes quiet so as not to miss a word.

Captain Fatty is one of those guys.

In this video produced by sailing crew S/V Delos, Captain Fatty recalls the story of a friend who was captured by real pirates off the coast of Somalia.

Fatty’s friend was a wild and crazy guy as you’ll hear.  He was crazy enough to smuggle himself back into Somalia to collect his ship after being rescued by the German government.

This recount of the story is absolutely fascinating for all, and if you really like it, Captain Fatty has a number of other tales and tips for future sailors on his website.

Thanks to the crew of Delos for publishing this incredible story.  

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