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Did Atomic Bombs Ruin This Island Forever?


During World War 2, America was in a race to master the atomic bomb.

You can’t reach mastery of such a destructive tool without testing it.

You have to prove it works.

Unfortunately testing such a weapon has resulted in incredible collateral damage.

The largest atomic bombs ever detonated by the USA were detonated over and around Bikini Island.

In this video researchers explore the status of the island and surrounding area.

What they find leaves you with a pit in your stomach.

While the island has recovered in some sense.

There is vegetation regrowth.

Some wildlife has returned.

But everything is still radio active.

It’s safe to walk around the island, but you can eat anything or drink anything.

It’s all still radio active.

It’s more than a deserted island contaminated in radio active waste.

These islands used to be home to the Bikini islanders.

This has led to a slew of complexities with the locals that has gone on for decades.

In fact it still continues today.

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