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Electric Foils: Coolest New Sport Ever


If you’ve never heard of a foil board before, it’s basically a surfboard with a hydrofoil  (a wing) mounted under the board.

At speed these hydrofoils can produce enough lift to raise the entire board with a surfer on top out of the water.

This greatly reduces the resistance of the board in the water and creates a sensation somewhat like flying.

An electric foil board adds a motor to the whole experience and ups the cool factor to eleven.

These boards have a very solid range and relatively fast charging time.

They go faster than you’ll ever be comfortable going.

In this video, professional kiteboarder Damien Leroy introduces a cruising couple to the sport.

With an hour of practicing this couple is able to rip across the water on these foil boards.

Now if only I could afford one myself.

These boards go for about $12,000 USD making them the price of a descent used car.

There are a lot of manufacturers getting into the game though so hopefully prices will come down in the not too distant future.

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