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How Powerful Is Your Passport?

Not all passports are equal.

Travelling with an Iran passport is challenging.

Travelling with a Singapore passport is a breeze.

There are a number of ways to measure and weigh a passport.

There is the total number of countries you can visit.

There is the level of visa free access you have.

Most people are only interested in the power of their own passport.

The Passport Index

A great resource for navigating that is

On this site you can see what every country requires for entry with your passport.

For example, The United States Passport has the following score:

Visa Free Score– 165 (number of countries)

Global Rank– 4

Individual Rank– 22

Currently the UAE passport is ranked number one.

In case you were curious.

A Helpful Tip

If you plan on meeting up with international friends on your next adventure, this site is a must.

Pull up everyone’s passports in your group.

 Sort through the visa requirements.

You can find all the countries everyone has access to.

But say you are interested in more than easy access on your next getaway.

Maybe you’ve had thoughts of moving to another country.

Then you might be asking yourself what is the best passport I should get?

While the UAE is ranked one on Passport Index, other rankings see it differently.

Nomad Capitalist Passport Index

If you’re curious which passport gets the best treatment, check out Nomad Capitalist’s Passport Index.

Nomad Capitalist take into account unfettered travel access, but they also take into account taxation and personal freedoms.

The founder of Nomad Capitalist, Andrew Henderson, is always talking about going where you’re treated best.

By his measure the United Arab Emirates ranks somewhere in the middle.

The United States sits in a three way tie for the 38th spot.

Countries like Switzerland and Luxembourg sit at the top. 

If you’re a world traveler wondering where you’ll be treated best, check out his free resources at

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