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How She Traveled For 12 Years


Traveling for a few months can present a lot of challenges.  Don’t get me wrong, it was worth it, but I had to quit my job.  I put my life at home on hold. I was far from the friends and family and their were many modern comforts I did without.

This woman was able to travel full time for 12 years.

Aside from the main challenges there is also the financial one.  While Nora Dunn did have a successful career before travelling, her savings would only get her so far.  By focusing on slow inexpensive travel, and with a little bit of online marketing and journalism, Nora was able to stretch her journey out 12 years.  That included an incredible 50+ countries.

If this video doesn’t get you enough details on Nora’s Journey, check out the video description for links to Nora’s website The Traveling Hobo.

Thanks to Mat & Danielle from Exploring Alternatives for Sharing Nora’s Story.

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