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How The Way Away Has Made A Living While Traveling for 4 Years

Guest: Josh & Ashley

YouTube Channel: The Way Away

Channel Link:

Instagram: @wayawaymag





Welcome to episode 8!  

This podcast is all about nerding out with fellow creators on camera gear, travelling, and all that stuff we creators are obsessed with. 

In this podcast Josh and Ashley take over the mic.  

They are The Way Away.  

On their travel channel, they share their experiences travelling to inspire others to see the commonalities we have with the rest of the world.  

In our discussions, we talk about how Ashley and Josh got started down this path and how they have made a career out of their journey.  

It’s clearly been no easy task and continues to have it’s struggles, but the rewards of a travelling career are incredible. 

– Ashley & Josh’s History 01:13

– Their move to LA 8:12

– How they made the decision to go to Europe 13:07

– Working Stays 30:43

– Sponsorships and work 44:21

– Moments missed on Camera 56:06

– Favorite creations 1:01:18

– Videos that make them cringe 1:06:39

– Collaborations 1:14:40

– Dream video to make 1:22:24

-camera gear 1:22:22

– Wrapping up 1:35:44    

Videos We Mention: 

One of Ashley’s early videos:

Their working stay in Spain:

Ashley’s favorite video:

Josh’s favorite video:

Josh’s least favorite:

Kinging It’s Rickshaw video:

No Single Use Plastics:

My GoPro Rig:


Work Stays:

The Adventurists: 

Panasonic GH5:

Rode Video Mic Pro +:

12-35mm f2.8 lens:

Hero 5 Black:

Mavic Air:

Pansonic S1:


GoPro Dome:

Hero 7:

Mic Adapter:

Eudtige Mic:


Peak Design Travel Bag: 

At The Hop: 

Creators We Talked About: 

Kinging It:

The Endless Adventure:

The Traveling Clatt:

Flying The Nest:

Kara and Nate:



Philip DeFranco:

Jon Olson:


Check out and let me know what you think. 

The Host: James Finn 

To Learn More About What The Host Is Up To:




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