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How To Get Those Tasty Drone Shots


Amateur drone video has flooded YouTube.
It’s very hard to differentiate your drone shots from others.
It seems those who are more willing to risk their drone for the shot are the only ones who stand out these days.

Getting Those tasty drone shots is no easy task.
I wish there was one big secret you could follow but that’s just not the case.
As TMS proves, it takes a lot of patience and a willingness to put your drone in harms way.
To get those incredible drone shots flying through small spaces, you have to be willing to risk your drone.
The DJI drones are pretty strong and most crashes end with a few broken props.
That’s an easy fix, but there is always a chance for a more expensive crash.
So you have to ask yourself.
Are you willing to risk it?

If you are, then TMS has at least a few bits of advice for you.
There are a few things you’re going to want to adjust in your drone settings like object avoidance and iso settings.
TMS also suggests maintaining speed the whole time. Trying to compensate for slowing down in post just won’t look right.

A few tips I have picked up from others besides TMS is try and guide your drone without the joysticks.
The joysticks can give you too much leverage and cause you to over correct.
I haven’t extensively tried this one myself, but it seems to make sense.

Another key tip is to take advantage of the cross hairs and grid line options in the video output.

TMS did mention it’s better to fly a drone by line of sight since the video feed has a delay, but I like to use the grid lines to line up my shot to start.
It’s easy to miss judge the center point of your frame without it.

The further away from your object your are, the easier it will be to miss your target path.
A few pixels off on the screen at the start could be several feet off when you reach your target.

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