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Insta360 + Paragliding Equals Awesome!

My new favorite camera is the Insta360 camera.  I have only begun to uncover what I can do with this little camera.

There are hundreds of ways to put this little camera to use to get perspectives once impossible.

These cameras create vantage points that look like the perfect drone follow shots.

To get shots like the Insta360 camera can do you would need an entire film crew.

To see what I am talking about check out this video by Tucker Gott.

In this video we see just what I’m talking about.

I’ve mentioned Tucker Gott on TravelFinn before.

This time we get to see Tucker in all his glory from a 3rd party perspective.

This was not possible before.

If you have an Insta360 of your own, or just love to watch Insta360 videos and have another cool video to share, please leave a link to it in the comments below.

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