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Is This The Best Way To Fund A Life Of Travel And Adventure?


There are a thousand ways to save a penny and make a penny.  Some ways are better than others.  After watching Gary Vaynerchuk’s new show Trash Talk, I think I just discovered one of the best ways.

In this new show, multi-millionaire CEO Gary V.  goes around to yard sales and picks up under valued goods to resell on eBay.  The long and short of it is Gary is able to turn $100 dollars into $1000 with a single day of going around to yard sales and flipping his finds on the internet.

It takes a little know how to do this, but not much.  It would take the average person a few days to get setup with a flipping business like this.

There are some really great points about this business that make it perfect for travellers.

#1 It’s mostly seasonal.

Yard sales dry up in the winter.  That’s your opportunity to go travel while the business is slow.  There’s nothing to feel guilty about because there is no business to miss out on.

#2 It’s not project based.

Projects lead to year round stress.  This type of business can be turned on and off very quickly.  When you need money you can turn on the business machine, and when you don’t want to be bothered, you can turn it off.  Travelling for long bouts of time isn’t going to put your business in the tank.  There will always be more yard sales and sites like eBay aren’t going away any time soon.

#3 You can do this on top of another job

Who’s to say you can’t do this at the same time as another job and fill your travel funds twice as fast.  Yard sales operate on weekends and the rest can be managed in the after hours of your 9-5.  

There is very little preventing the average person from doing this business, but most people see it as beneath them.  Competition is low.  The truth is a flipping business makes more money than most people do in their regular jobs.

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