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Is This The Ultimate Travel Camera?


By now you probably have heard about the Osmo Pocket camera.  

This tiny camera is so tiny it can fit in … well… your pocket.  It uses the same fantastic camera as the DJI Mavic Air.  I’ve been watching countless videos on the quality of this camera.  

iJustine does a great demonstration of what this camera can do.  During a desert excursion iJustine shows off some of the capabilities of the device.  

I was impressed.

This camera has a few features that make it stand out against similar cameras like the GoPro Hero 7.  Honestly a solid travel kit should probably include both, but there are a lot of reasons you’d reach for the Osmo Pocket over the GoPro Hero 7.

One area where the Osmo really stands out is in low light.  The mechanical stabilizer helps night time shooting to be a lot sharper over the Hero 7’s digital stabilization.

There are many other features that make the Osmo Pocket great for travel and with the promise of more accessories on the way I am running out of excuses to not get one myself.

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