So you’re curious about joining TravelFinn…

TravelFinn is committed to building a community for people who see travel the same way we do.

Travel Finn is a little different than other travel sites.

To us travel is more about exploring ourselves than the world.
It’s a chance to look at ourselves in a new light with each place we visit.
We are attached to being in perpetual motion because we define ourselves by the way we move through life.
We see travel as an art form.
The way we think and act while in motion is a reflection of our craft.

Share Your Craft

TravelFinn members have the opportunity to share their passion for life in motion. If you are interested in contributing to the community, you’re in the right place.

Some ideas for great content are:

  • Stories from past travel experiences
  • Travel gear reviews
  • Travel hacks
  • Ideas for travel adventures
  • Inspirational travel stories
  • Tips on learning new skills in remote places
  • Advice on how an experienced traveler operates

The Future For The TravelFinn Community

As this community grows and we gather more attention we hope to give back to the community in big ways. The more active you are in the community, the more we hope to give back.

This could be with small gifts at times, but could also be in the form of rewarding opportunities.

The more attention this group receives, the more like minded businesses will want to work with us.

It’s our hope to reward our more active members with working engagements.