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Jon Olsson Rides The Biggest Wave Of His Life!


While in Portugal, Jon Olsson joined up with a group of crazy surfers that encouraged him to surf some monster waves.  

When you get to waves of this side, it is nearly impossible to paddle into them.  Instead you need to use a jet ski to tow you into the wave.  As Jon explains in this video, it’s 10 times crazier than you realize.  Videos of surfers being towed into waves gives off a perspective of this smooth ride into the wave. 

What often gets missed is the effort it takes to get to that point.  Surfers have to be dragged by high power jet skis through multiple crashing waves to get out to top of the waves.  

Jon explains how it’s like being dragged through a land mine field as the white wash explodes underneath the tow sled.  What’s more is surfers are being dragged through the white wash one handed.  They need their other hand to hold their surf board. 

That’s no easy effort either as the whitewash catches your board and is constantly trying to rip it from your grip.

While everyone thinks the surfing of the wave is the scary part, there are much bigger dangers.  Don’t get me wrong, getting swallowed up by a wave can lead to getting smashed against the coral below.  But being dragged through crashing wave after crashing wave can be just as dangerous if not more dangerous.

The reward for all this risk is the experience of surfing a 25+ ft wave.  It’s the biggest Jon has ever surfed and he pulls it offer beautifully.

Congratulations on that magnificent wave!

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