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Making Cinematic Travel Tutorial Videos

In this episode of the James Finn Podcast, Andrew James takes over the mic.  

Andrew first caught my attention with the quality of the tutorials he creates on YouTube.  

On top of that he has a magnetic personality that keeps you coming back to watch.  

What’s crazy is how young he is.  

I keep having to remind myself this is a kid just coming out of high school and he’s already creating at high level.  

What this guy will be coming out with 5, 10, 15 years from now is going to blow you away.  

Definitely worth a listen even if it’s just to hear the DSLR story.  

Absolutely loved talking with Andrew.  

  • Intro 2:31

  • Life Before YouTube 4:27

  • The DSLR Story 8:22

  • Making Money With A DSLR 12:56

  • Transition Into Tutorials 16:00

  • Who’s The Next Big Creator 19:57

  • Young Vlogger’s Round Table 22:31

  • AJ’s Parent’s Take On His Work 26:52

  • AJ’s Next Steps 32:4

1- Planning Strategies 34:45

  • AJ’s Favorite Video 38: 40

  • Taking About TF 41:24

  • Getting Sponsors 45:05

  • Gear Geek Talk 51:58

  • Favorite Creators 59: 50

  • Other Channels 1:05:30

  • Future Work 1:08:12 

For full show notes go here.

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