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My New Favorite Travelling Content Creator


Originally a freestyle racing drone pilot, Johhny FPV has combined his love for high speed drone photography with cinematic style shooting.  It has propelled him into a life of global travel as he films adventure activities in a way never seen before.

Instead of using traditional camera drones like the DJI Mavic and Phantom, Johnny opts for a custom built racing drone in combination with GoPro’s to film his content.  These faster drones provide a more agile control scheme that allows Johhny to get up close to the action.  

Before this, close ups of the action required expensive cinematic rigs or special effects.  The drone Johhny flies can be built for a couple hundred dollars.

One of my favorite clips by Johhny FPV was in a collaboration with legendary creator Sam Kolder.  In that clip, Johhny does a parabolic pan around Sam as he back flips off of a cliff.

This awesome clip can be watched on Johnny’s Instagram at @johnny_fpv

This style of aerial cinematic photography is very new, but it’s going to become a lot more popular in the near future.  I’m predicting it even has it’s place in mainstream sports content.

I’m looking forward to watching Johhny FPV’s content as his content grows.

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