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One Freedive To Never Forget


Freediving is a mind bending sport.

I actually got to spend a fair amount of time freediving while living in the Florida Keys.

While scuba diving might seem more enjoyable to the world, I prefer freediving.

Exploring life under the sea without the bulk of dive tanks holding you down, or the mechanical noises of a re breather gives a  deeper feeling of connection with the world around you.

In this video, professional free divers transform the sport into a work of art.

It depicts the journey of a diver as he seemingly falls through space and time of an underwater universe.

No doubt this journey wasn’t actually completed in a single breath, it’s still an amazing dramatic story.

This may seem like the journey of a single man, but it couldn’t be done without the efforts of several sponsors and an entire team of divers and camera crew.

Well done guys.  Well done.

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