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Paramotoring Over The Bahamas


Paramotoring is a pretty rad sport.

You strap a 20 horsepower motor to your back.

The motor is connected directly to a huge propeller.

The only thing protecting you from the propeller is a tiny bit of mesh wiring.

Then you attach the whole contraption to a kite.

This whole contraption can carry you through the sky for miles.

They aren’t cheap.

The rig Tucker Gott uses costs more than most people’s cars.

But the experience of flying one is incredible.

It’s the closest to flying any man could achieve.

Tucker has built up a reputation as being the paramotor guy.

He’s been spotted all over town.

One of his most famous earlier videos was of him flying to a McDonalds.

He took his meal back up with him and enjoyed it at 10,000 feet in the air.

In this video Tucker took his rig down to the Bahamas and makes his way around the islands.

Most people rent a boat to island hop around the Bahamas.

Not Tucker.

He flies his paramotor from spot to spot.

Of course it doesn’t always work out.

As we see in this video, in paramotoring you must always have a contingency plan.

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