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Passport Heavy's Guide to Canggu


Canggu is the place to visit right now in Bali.

As far as overall vibes go, Canggu has the best balance of everything including culture, parties, places to stay, amenities, and action sports.

But like all things in life, this is not going to last.

Canggu is in a state of rapid development as big businesses scramble to get in on the action.

There are a number of big hotels going up in place and much of the natural landscape that makes Canggu so beautiful is being turned into condos, restaurants and night clubs.

There’s no need to get upset.

Development means more money and jobs for locals as Bali begins to develop into a modern country.

For tourism tourism looking to experience what makes the vibe in Canggu so great, there’s a ticking clock and the time to go is soon.

Eventually another place on the island of Bali will hold the mantle as the new hip spot on the island.

My money is on Medewi.

If you’re itching to experience Canggu before it becomes over developed, check out the video guide above from Passport Heavy.

Their videos are top notch and provide the perfect amount of detail to get you started on your trip planning.

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