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Perfect Last Minute Cooler For Your Trip

Igloo recently announced a biodegradable disposable cooler that sells for $10.

We’re always looking for more sustainable products for travel.

The Igloo biodegradable cooler replaces the infamous old Styrofoam disposable coolers.

Those Styrofoam coolers make me cringe.

I’ve gone on countless trips to the beach and seen the pieces of a demolished foam cooler floating around.

It makes me sick to think about.

That’s why the new igloo paper pulp cooler is so exciting.

Here are the specs:

Volume: 24 Quarts (or 20-12oz cans)

Performance: Holds Ice for 12 hours

Lifespan: water resistant for up to 5 days

Capacity: 75 lbs

Really impressive for something that is 100% biodegradable.

Yes it won’t compare to your Yeti cooler but I wouldn’t expect it to.

If you are headed out for a last minute adventure and are short a cooler, keep an eye out for these biodegradable ones this summer.

Note: There are no special requirements for disposing of this cooler.  Igloo has stated the cooler will biodegrade on it’s own.  No commercial composting needed.

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