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Podcast Corner: Bigger Pockets Cover Quitting Your Job To Travel

BiggerPockets Money Podcast 55: How to Quit Your Job and Travel the World with Millennial Revolution by BiggerPockets Podcast Kristy Shen grew up poor. Knowing her parents couldn’t help her financially, she gave up her dreams of being a writer, and went to school to make big bucks as a software developer. She even graduated on the five-year program with an internship to limit her student debt and increase her chances of getting a job after graduation.


Travelling the world is the adventure of a lifetime, but the adventure comes at a price.

Quitting your job.

It seems like a price worth paying given the opportunity, but…

Quitting your job is scary.

It’s filled with uncertainties like the ability to get another job, running out of money, and the ability to maintain your social circle.

Even knowing the upside for many far outweighs the downsides, it can be difficult to take the leap.

It helps to hear from other who have done it and come out the other side alright.

In this podcast, published by Bigger Pockets, a financially savvy couple recalls their story going form broke college students to financially free world travelers.

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