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Preparing For A Lifetime Of Travel

Digital nomadism is exploding.

There’s so many people out there now eeking out a living on the modest income of a YouTube channel, Instagram account, or through freelance gigs.

While this is great, there is one common mentality I find missing from a lot of the travel community.

A lot of people ask what these people would do if their social media accounts disappeared.

They think of social media as this fleeting thing.

I disagree.  

Maybe it’s just the millennial in me, but I think digital work is here to stay.

We’re in the infancy of a world, where digital nomadism is a thriving career.

But even a thriving career requires this one thing most digital nomads and influencers are neglecting.

Financial planning.

I’ve asked a number of digital nomads if they have any sort of retirement plan.

I get a lot of different responses like “I’m focused on investing into the business,” or “I’m not the kind of person interested in retirement.”

It’s not a great mentality.

Many of my peers are putting off financial planning until later in life if at all.

Anyone who’s read a financial planning book knows the best time to start investing was years ago, but the second best time is right now.

Yes it’s true if you spend all your time focused on making $$$, your life could pass and before you know it, you’re living full of regret over the things you didn’t do.

But there can be balance.

It’s possible to pursue the exciting life of a digital nomad and be financially savvy.

Baby Steps

I’m fairly new to the investing game.

I’m not going to try and come at you like some sort of guru financial planning consultant.

I just want to offer some basic advice I have been following myself.


Start small.

Do something and eventually your curiosity in investing, retirement plans, etc will start to grow.

I started very small.

I opened up a Charles Schwab account 

Charles Schwab gave me $100 just to open an account.

I took a best guess at a stock that might do well.

It did.

I’ve tripled my $100 so far.

After setting that account up, I became more curious about investing.

I picked up Tony Robbin’s Money book and started reading.

I gained a base knowledge of financial planning and immediately got pissed.

Why hadn’t I been taught this before?

Why isn’t this stuff covered in school!?


Another argument for another time.

I’ve since setup additional accounts and have a growing Roth IRA and HSA account.

Has this financial planning stopped me from my travel plans?


It’s ever so slightly slowed them down, but I can live with that.

I’ve done the math and I could easily travel every other year of my life and still max out a Roth IRA and HSA account.

Maybe these acronyms go over your head.

I didn’t have the vocabulary to start either, but I picked it up as I went.

It all started with one tiny step.

I opened up that Schwab account.

It took no time at all.

I just got a notification from Charles Schwab.

They are bringing back the $100 deal for new clients.

It takes ten minutes.

Who else would pay you $600 an hour to start planning for your future?

You’d have to be crazy to not do it.

Even if you put that $100 dollars in a big tech stock or simple investment fund and forgot about it, you’d probably find out, years down the road, you some how ended up with thousands of dollars in an account because you did this one free thing.

It’s $100 now, but thousands of dollars in the future and it won’t cost you a thing.

Just use this link here to sign up and you’ll get your $100 to invest.

No I don’t get anything for you to do this.

You’re the only winner here.

You get $100.

I get nothing.

I just want a better future for you, and I believe this is one of the best ways I can help you get there.



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