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Repost: What Is An Asia Day?

“Yo dude. What’s up?  Haven’t talked to you in a while.”

“Hey bro.  I’ve been better.  Having an Asia Day.”

“Asia Day?  What’s that?”

Asia Days

Asia Days are gonna happen when you travel through Asia.  You’re not going to gets Asiaed  every day you travel, but they will happen and you just gotta get through it.

Asia Days are days where Asia just wins.  When your way of doing things clashes with the way things go in Asia, you are setting yourself up for an Asia Day.  It’s a day when you are getting your ass kicked.  There are many customs and cultural differences in Asia that can make life challenging.

Get sent to the wrong place because a language barrier with a local meant getting the wrong directions?  Sounds like an Asia Day.

Get ripped off by shop owner because you didn’t know the currency conversion?  You might be headed for an Asia Day.

Been stuck inside your guesthouse for three days because the monsoon flooded your only way out?  That’s definitely an Asia Day and a half.

My Asia Day

One of the worst Asia Days I ever had was driving from Laos to Vietnam.  The “highways” were so bad here.  The road literally fell out from under my bike and I had crashed twice in less than mile.  I crossed the border and there were no banks or gas stations in sight.  By the time I did find one, they were closed for the afternoon.  I had to wait 2 hours in the tropical heat for them to open back up.

A few hours later and it started pouring rain as I tried to drive my beat up motorbike to a hotel for the night.  While driving a truck came into my lane and I drove off the road into a flooded drainage ditch.  I pulled myself and the bike out.  Everything was soaking wet.  I walked the bike to the next available hotel.

At the hotel they had a guard dog out front, except instead of a guard dog, it was a monkey.  It started to chase me around a bit, but finally was scared off by the hotel clerk.  I checked in to the hotel and the room I was given was black with mold.

That is what you call an Asia Day.

What To Do With Your Asia Day

Asia Days happen to everyone travelling.  There’s no getting out of them, and you will rarely get the chance to counter the cause of your Asia Day.  Your best bet is to just admit that Asia won this around.  Tomorrow is another day.  The faster you admit to the loss, the faster you can get on to having a fantastic day the next day.

I often find that the best days I have had travelling have been the day after an Asia Day.  I don’t necessarily believe in karma, but the worst of days are often followed by the best of days.

Here’s to your next Asia Day.  Rub some dirt in it, have a beer, get some rest and look forward to a great tomorrow.

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