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Singapore Harvesting Cambodian Land?


Singapore is very modern yet tiny nation among a see of less advanced nations.

Population density is becoming more of an issue in the area.

To expand Singapore’s land mass, they broke a deal with the Cambodian government to collect land from the Cambodian coastline and deliver it to Singapore.

Soon Cambodia will have lost over 100 million tons of sand to this deal.

At first I was thinking it was just sand.

What’s the big deal?

But, after watching this video, I realize a number of coastal villages are losing their home land as a result.

This isn’t just sand being pulled from the middle of nowhere.

This is land that is being taken from the local villages.

Their fishing land is being destroyed.

Eventually these villages will be forced to move on from the area and find another means of living.

It’s more than just the villagers that are facing a threat here.

To harvest the sand, large acres of mangrove trees are cleared out to get to the land underneath.

Mangrove islands form barrier islands that protect the main land from erosion.

If too many of these barrier islands are destroyed, Cambodia could face greater threats of land loss than calculated.

Flooding could also become a more devastating issue to the region.

Perhaps it is time Singapore re-evaluate their methods for expansion.

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