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Skill Focused Travel Adventures That Can Get You Paid!

Working abroad absolutely can count as Skill Focused Travel.

Gaining new skills that make you a more interesting person it awesome.

Getting paid to do it is the cherry on top.

Here are a few ideas for Skill Focused Travel trips that can get you paid right away or can fund your continued adventures once you’ve learned the basics.

#1 Find Your Green Thumb

Have you ever seen someone's perfect backyard garden and wished you could do that?
You could keep trying in the planters on your apartment balcony, or you could fly off to a farm on the other side of the world and learn by growing exotic fruit.
Even better you can get paid to do it.
Groups like WWOOF, WorkAway, and HelpX connect farmers with eager travelers.
You'll get lots of experience helping out on farms while also getting free room and board.
Some opportunities even pay a small stipend.

    #2 Become A Ninja Trader

    So this you can do anywhere, but that's the beauty of it.
    Skill Focused Travel can absolutely be focused on digital nomad skills.
    Day trading has always seemed like a black art to me, but I've met a number of backpackers paying their way across the world with trading.
    Pick a country with lots of great coffee shops like Vietnam and start learning.
    You can start with an online course to learn the ropes and then dive into the markets as soon as you're ready.

      #3 Master The Art Of Mixology

      Anyone can pour a few liquids into a glass and call themselves a bartender.
      I have had enough gag worthy mixed drinks to confirm that.
      To create a concoction that people talk about long after the bottom of the glass is another thing.
      You could travel the world searching for new fruits and spices for your next master creation and get paid to do it at the same time.
      Bartending is one of the easiest jobs to find while traveling.
      There are lots of hostels looking for bartenders to keep the backpackers around.
      Sure you'll mostly be mixing up cheesy shots, but there is a solid backpacking crowd of hipster alcoholics that will really appreciate a proper drink.

        #4 Create A Portfolio

        There are more photographers in the world than ever, but they always seem to be in demand.
        Travelling is one of the best ways to build a portfolio of work.
        There are so many interesting people and locations out there.
        You'll also come across plenty of people willing to pay you for a quick photo shoot on the road.
        I came across a hostel owner in Vietnam who noticed my camera and offered a whole week's stay for a video of his place.
        Higher end hotels will even pay you to canvas their property.
        It's a win double win.
        They get marketing materials and you get paid and you get portfolio pieces.

          #5 Become A Journalist And Create A Blog

          Oh god not another blog.
          Yes there are so many out there, but the world can't seem to get enough.
          Travelling is a great opportunity for you to take the time to establish yourself.
          A blog can be something you do for fun, but it can also be turned into a profitable business.
          Top bloggers make $100,000+ a month.
          Take every day as a chance to find your voice and create interesting content.
          Eventually your bank account could have more dollars coming in than going out.

            #6 Get into acting

            Jumping into Hollywood as an actor is difficult.
            Not impossible but difficult.
            Believe it or not there are a lot of opportunities for acting abroad.
            Places like Bollywood always seem to have a need for foreigners for their movies.
            If acting sounds interesting to you, take a trip abroad and look for opportunities on job boards.
            You'll probably pick up more gigs than you ever could in Los Angeles.

              #7 Build A Social Media Empire

              Is your Facebook feed filled with as many ads as mine is?
              Social media advertising is the #1 way to drive traffic to your business these days.
              Learning how to create ads on your own and then selling that service to companies looking to gain business is easy to do from your laptop.
              Facebook offers their own course for those interested.
              8am: Head to a co-working space and learn how to run ads.
              11am reach out to businesses and offer advertising service.
              2pm Spend the rest of the day exploring deserted beaches and chasing sunsets.

                #8 Learn How To Grow A Brand

                Branding is a hot word these days.
                People are very interested in how establish their brand.
                You could spend a whole summer learning how to create your own brand, or you could cut your teeth learning for someone else.
                Tourism companies are big on branding.
                You could pick something small like a hostel gig looking for help establishing themselves.
                Or you could partner up with a travel product company looking to grow their market share.
                You'd get paid to create media with their products while on the go.
                If you can do good for one brand you'll have a life long skill in high demand.

                  #9 Become A Viral Vlogger

                  10 years ago, who would have thunk going around recording your travels would be a good way to get paid?
                  Well it's certainly a thing now thanks to YouTube.
                  Travel the world to find cinematic locations, learn how to capture them in their best light.
                  As your skills grow, so will your followers.
                  With a big enough audience, you can make a healthy income from doing what most always considered a hobby.
                  What a great era to be alive in.

                    #10 Become A Dive Master

                    Did you know you can get into diving and come out with a certification that will score you a job in any coastal town in the world?
                    Dive masters are a necessary job for tour companies to take people on tours.
                    They'll often help you get certified for free as long as you agree to stick around for a season and work for them.
                    Koh Tao in Thailand is a great place for this, but America is a great place too.
                    The Boy Scouts Of America have a program in the Florida Keys where you can go from no experience to a certified DiveMaster in a matter of weeks.
                    Then spend your summer diving one of the largest barrier reefs in the world while cashing in on your free certification.

                      #11 Build The Next Instagram

                      Have you ever been to a digital nomad job board website?
                      It always seems like the majority of jobs are for coders.
                      Code seems intimidating to those who've never tried it, but as soon as you try it, you'll see it's not scary.
                      There are so many great coding camps online.
                      My personal favorite is Code Academy.
                      Start with their free classes and then sign up for a premium course if you want to take it a little further.
                      Before you know it you'll be picking up coding gigs online while sipping coconuts in a cabana.

                        #12 Become a Certified Captain

                        Ever wanted to captain a yacht and take to the high seas?
                        Companies like The Quarterdeck Skipper Academy will not only teach you how to captain a boat but will also set you up with a captain job afterwards.
                        You'll get paid to take a crew around million dollar locations on a boat you could never afford.

                          #13 Take a Yoga Pilgrimage

                          Yoga is a healthy obsession for many.
                          It's a big attraction for many hip tourism destinations.
                          While you might be looking to practice yoga on your journey for physical, emotional, and spiritual growth, there are many others looking to just learn what yoga is about.
                          It seems these days every hostel has a yoga instructor providing daily classes.
                          The thing is these yoga instructors come and go like the wind.
                          There's always openings for new instructors.
                          If you have a good handle of the sport you could fund you yoga pilgrimage by holding classes wherever you go.

                            #14 Become a Maverick

                            Gambling is not every person's cup of tea but for some it's an exciting sport.
                            In card games there is a serious amount of skill involved.
                            Cards are popular all over the world.
                            You can even learn the sport online.
                            Start playing online with fake money, but when you feel you have a handle on the sport you could start entering real games and find yourself lining your pockets with winnings.

                              #15 Become a Back Country Shredder

                              Skiing and Snowboarding are among the largest sports in the world.
                              Big mountain skiing is one of the best ways to explore remote mountains.
                              There's also an endless demand for instructors, tour guides, and ski patrol.
                              You could learn the ropes, spend some time getting comfortable and then turn right around and teach others your newly learned skills.
                              It's a skill that can take you all over the world.
                              Even countries like Pakistan and North Korea have slopes.
                              That is, if you are able to get there of course.

                                #16 Get Fluent In Another Language

                                Learning a new language is a fun challenge just for fun, but you could also get paid to take what you learn and apply it professionally.
                                There are plenty of business people hiring translators for international business trips.
                                You can also get paid to do translations for movie subtitles or published articles.
                                The pay can vary wildly, but knowing there is a paycheck at the end of your language learning adventure can be extra motivation.

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