Antibiotic Cream (1/13)

A friend of mine had gone on a similar trip to my South East Asia adventure.
The last time I saw him before my trip, he gave me a tip.
“Bring a little tube of Antibiotic cream”
I didn’t take it to heart and forewent the cream.
That mistake nearly cost me my foot.
There are all sorts of bacteria abroad your body can’t handle.
I got a tiny little cut on my foot that got infected.
I kept waiting for it to heal but it never did.
Eventually my foot swelled up to the size of a football.
It smelled horrible.
It was hot to the touch.
I could barely put weight on it.
I had to visit the emergency room and from the look on the doctors face I knew it was bad.
I had to get it treated and I spent weeks on strong antibiotics to kill the infection.
I should have listened.
If I had just rubbed some antibiotic cream on the cut when it first happend, I probably would have been fine.
My one piece of advice to you before your next trip.
Bring a small tube of cream or ointment.

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