DJI Mavic Air (2/12)

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While we are on the DJI train, let stop off at their perfect travel drone, the Mavic Air. The Mavic Air is a beast of a drone given its size and is oh so compact.

I started out with a DJI Spark and while that drone too is amazing, it was short a few features that managed to make it into the Mavic Air. What features? 3-axis image stabilization for starts. The 2-axis in the Spark is ok but resulted in some jumpy panning shots. The Air is a lot smoother. Other key features the Mavic has over the Spark are ND filter threads (an absolute must for sunny tropical days), longer battery life, and more stability. The last one is very noticeable. The Spark can get a little squirrely around obstacles.

One last piece of advice, go for the fly more kit the extra batteries are definitely worth packing with you.

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