UPF Clothing (6/13)

Up in the mountains I noticed my skin would start to burn in as little as ten minutes without protection.
While a little sun is great, a lot of sun causes severe skin damage and of course there’s the cancer aspect.
While exploring I carried enough SPF clothing to protect every inch of my skin.
Even the locals in Asia did the same.
All this protective clothing won’t cause you to over heat either.
Thanks to advanced technology in textiles, materials actually cool you down better with them than without them.
The material and the weaves create more surface area than your skin has allowing sweat to evaporate at much higher rates.
The secret all locals in hot climates know is a long sleeve shirt is actually more comfortable than a short sleeve shirt under the sun.
Don’t forget to cover up everything.
Head, hands, feet, etc.
One other point.
With all the news about the negative effects of sun tan lotion on the environment, the responsible and sustainable solution is to use UV protective clothing instead.


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