What Gets You Annoyed While Traveling?

Not everything is sunshine and roses when travelling.

Some things bother us more than others.

Let us know what most gets under your skin while travelling.

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    What Is Your Biggest Public Transport Annoyance?

    • People Talking On The Phone
    • Sticky Floors
    • A Person Taking Up Extra Seats
    • Playing Music Without headphones
    • Chatty Passengers
    • Putting Feet On A Seat
    • Sick Passengers
    • Body Odor
    • Bumpy Driving
    • Over Crowding
    • Eating / Drinking Around You
    • Trip Delays
    • Angry Staff
    • Lost Luggage
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    What Is Your Biggest Flying Annoyance?

    • Loud Complaining
    • Crying children
    • A Smelly Passenger
    • Inattentive Parenting
    • Drunk Passenger
    • Getting Seat Kicked
    • Overly Chatty Passenger
    • Snoring
    • Anxious Passengers On Arrival
    • Sick Passengers
    • Waiting For Your Ride
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    What Are Your Biggest Roadtrip Annoyances?

    • Aggressive Driving
    • Driver On The Phone
    • Weird Smells
    • Dirty / Messy Car
    • Bad Music
    • Eating In The Car
    • Winding Roads
    • Too Many Stops
    • Passengers Singing Poorly To Radio
    • Car Too Cold / Too Hot
    • Lack Of Personal Space
    • Getting Lost

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