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Do you secretly have Nomad in your genes?

Some people are just born with the travel bug in their blood.  Are you meant for a life on the move going endlessly from place to place?  Find out now.

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    Do you struggle to maintain steady relationships?

    • Yes
    • No
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    When you hear stories about other people’s travels do you…

    • think about how amazing that sounds?
    • think how you could recreate that journey in a different way?
    • start daydreaming about your next adventure?
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    What is your idea of the perfect beach vacation?

    • An all inclusive island resort
    • A bungalow shanty in a sleepy island village
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    How do you prefer to plan out your trips?

    • I figure it out as I go.
    • I like to have every detail planned before I go.
    • Somewhere in between
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    What sounds like a better night out?

    • Live music at a venue in town
    • Searching for a hidden ally entrance to a speakeasy
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    Who is your dream significant other?

    • Someone who takes care of me when I come home
    • Somone who is always pushing me to go do things even when I don’t want to
    • Someone who helps me pick out a good movie and takes out the trash!
    • Someone who can introduce me to new friends
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    How do you feel after a rainy day in watching movies?

    • Anxious
    • Rejuvinated
    • Tired
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    Does the idea of staying away from home for weeks at a time…

    • excite you?
    • make you nervous?
    • sound like punishment?
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    When you’re lost on a drive do you…

    • open your GPS app for guidance?
    • keep driving until you find a familiar road?
    • turn around and backtrack to where you first got lost?
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    When you’re sick do you…

    • seek medical assistance right away?
    • wait it out to see how things go?
    • try a few herbal remedies first
    • load up on the meds and get back to work
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    If you get back a thousand dollars from tax refunds do you?

    • use the money for new furniture?
    • save the money for a vacation?
    • put it towards your car payments?
    • spend it on a few nice dinners out with friends?

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