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What Type of Travel Bag Is right for you?

We hope that the way we travel defines what we carry, but if you plan wrong it can be the other way around.

Don’t let what you carry define how you travel.

There is no one setup to suit everyone’s case.
Pun intended.

No matter how many times the minimalists scream one bag travel is the best and only way to travel, there are arguments for other methods.

This year more than ever there are so many options to choose from. Nearly every shape and size imaginable is available.

If the options seem over whelming, I have created a little quiz to help you decide what the best bag is based on your travel habits.

Even if the answer doesn’t seem exactly right for you, these questions will help you way your options when deciding on your bag.


Here we go.

  • Question of

    Where do you plan to stay most often?

    • Hostel
    • Hotel
    • Guest House
    • AirBnB
  • Question of

    What tech gear are you taking?

    • Just a laptop
    • My entire photo lab
    • A compact camera
    • My favorite mirrorless camera and Computer
    • I plan to stay off the grid
    • Just my phone
  • Question of

    How many outfits will you bring?

    • Two. One wet and one dry.
    • Instagram Influencer Level
    • 3-4 so I can mix and match
    • Enough for a week
    • Just what I have on
  • Question of

    Who are you traveling with?

    • I’ll with a group
    • Just my significant other
    • I’ll be travelling solo
    • I’ll be traveling with my family
  • Question of

    Are you an adventurous traveler?

    • Definitely
    • I’ll be sticking to resort only activities
    • When the adventure presents itself, I’ll be there.
  • Question of

    How important is your travel style?

    • Looks mean everything
    • I want a perfect balance of style and function
    • Function is the most important thing in a bag
  • Question of

    How much planning do you like to do?

    • I plan everything months in advance
    • I don’t even have a plan for today
    • I like to have a general plan for the week
  • Question of

    What is your travel budget like?

    • No expense should be spared
    • As cheap as humanly possible
    • My budget is tight but I still want to have all the fun
    • Someone else is paying for it
  • Question of

    What will your dining plans be?

    • I’ll eat out for every meal
    • Whatever the hotel serves
    • I like to prepare all my own meals
    • I’ll have some food with me but I’ll eat out mostly
  • Question of

    What’s the worst part of travelling?

    • Forgetting to pack something
    • Not getting to do everything I want to do
    • Getting through the airports
    • Packing up when leaving the hotel
    • Poor hospitality service
  • Question of

    What do you like to do on your trips?

    • Rest and relaxation
    • Personal development
    • My travel is for work
    • A little business a little fun
    • I want to go on a big adventure
  • Question of

    What’s your preferred destination?

    • Anywhere warm
    • Anywhere and everywhere
    • Anywhere the snow falls
    • Wherever the first flight is going
  • Question of

    How often do you plan on changing locations on your trip?

    • I’ll be in a new place every few days
    • Once I check in I’m not moving
    • I have a couple different locations I’m staying in
    • Each day could be a new location
  • Question of

    How much are you willing to spend on a bag?

    • Over $200
    • Less than $200
    • What’s available at the thrift store?
  • Question of

    Are you after souvenirs?

    • I like to bring something back for everyone
    • I’ll pick up a couple small things
    • The only souvenirs I need are memories
    • If I do I’ll just have them shipped home
  • Question of

    What is the minimum number of shoes you can travel with?

    • Whatever I’m wearing
    • One pair of shoes plus sandals
    • Boots, sneakers, and sandals
    • How many pair can I fit?
    • I don’t plan on wearing shoes
    • One pair dress shoes, and some boat shoes
  • Question of

    Are you willing to pay for extra luggage?

    • Sure
    • Won’t pay for checked bags
    • Not even for overhead luggage
    • You don’t have to pay for luggage in first class
    • Only if I have to

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