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Special Forces Activated In The War Against Poaching


Most people can agree the extinction of animals, especially though poaching is tragedy. 

Extinction causes ripple effects across the entire ecosystem.

There is a long list of species on the extinction list, and there are even more that will be added soon if nothing is done.

Thankfully there are groups stepping up to the cause.

Vet Paw is one such group.

You probably have not heard of them.  Vet Paw is a group of ex-military trained warriors that are using their training to combat poaching.

In this video creative Sam Kolder heads to Africa to follow Vet Paw. He shows us how the group defends against poaching and how they improve current efforts in the area through training and guidance.

To learn more about Vet Paw and how you can contribute to the cause.  Check out the link below.

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