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Surfing A Dam Release


The call comes in.

They’re about to release the Waimea River.

The word quickly spreads and just as the diggers begin to breach the river and it is released, surfers from across the island gather round.

The river unleashed a torrent of fury as it passes over the sand embankment.

This forms a natural endless wave.

For surf enthusiasts like Jamie O’Brien this creates a killer opportunity to experiment with the river. 

Creating The Most Of A Difficult Situation

This Hawaiian Waimea river somewhat regularly gets backed up.


From what I have read it gets backed up from high surf and tides.  

The ocean pushes sand into the river and the flooded river gets clogged by the sand.

This causes a huge problem for residents living near the river.

To alleviate the issue, public works routinely dig the river out to release the river build up back into the ocean.

When this happens, a massive amount of kinetic energy is released and the draining of the ocean can last hours.

It’s a nightmare for some, but an exciting opportunity for surfers.

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