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Thailand Food Challenge

Thailand is a food mecca.

One of my main goals when visiting this country was to explore its rich and diverse menu of spices and aromas.  I searched high and low for exciting plates beyond the popular pad Thai.  While looking for a guide to Thai food I stumbled across Mark Wiens’ blog.  He had one interesting article in particular.

That article inspired me to challenge myself to complete his list of 100 Thai Dishes.  Admittedly, I fell short on my last visit. I have 19 more dishes left on this list.

Can you do better?

I included a link below to a PDF copy of my Thailand Food Challenge.  Consider yourself challenged.

If you take the challenge make sure to post a picture of how far you got with the hashtag #thaifoodchallenge .

Happy eating, but be careful not to get Thai lock jaw.

Mark Wiens 100 Thai Dish Article  (Includes pictures of each dish)

Thai Food Challenge (164 downloads)

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