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The 19 Types Of Personalities You Meet On Your Travels

The people you meet on the road are a motley crew.

They all have their own unique personalities.

Some are more fun than others.

As unique as they all are, you’ll begin to notice a number of similarities among some of them.

Here are some of the most common personalities you’ll meet on the road.

#1 The Wild Cat

They see every trip as their opportunity for lawlessness.

For whatever reason they believe consequences can only be found at home.

At first they seem like the most fun person in the room, but two shots of tequila and a thirty minute drive into the jungle at 3am and you'll begin to wonder if this person is legit crazy.

Close calls with the authorities, damaged property, near death injuries?

That's the daily for these travelers.

    #2 The Foodie

    Your best friend on any adventure.

    They're life goal is to sample everything from the finest establishment to the most delightful street food.

    You could spend the next few weeks trying to hunt down the best eats, but they've already done it and are more than willing to show you what they've discovered.

    Just be warned, they can handle spicy foods much better than you.

    I once met a foodie who snacked on Thai peppers like M&M's!

      #3 She Wolves

      A tornado in female form.

      Like wolves they always travel in packs, but they are rarely on the same wavelength.

      One is always chasing some boy trying to have a good time, while the other is trying to crucify that poor guy for even looking at her friend.

      Every other word out of your mouth will be misinterpreted as some misogynistic claim.

      I was genuinely interested in who you are as a person, but I'm beginning to realize the lashings I'd have to take to find out are not worth it.

        #4 The Old Guy Who Never Left

        This guy went backpacking 20 years ago, but never moved on from that middle of nowhere town.

        You'll often find him working or hanging out at the one bar in town where he'll be laying all his contemplations of life on the whomever will listen.

        It can be fun to challenge the meaning of life with him, but be warned they can also be extremely negative of the world as they have been hiding from it for years.

          #5 The Lone Wolf

          He seems like the coolest dude around.

          He has travel stories for days.

          He's handsome.

          And yet there is not a thing in the world that could tie him down.

          Even if you do manage to convince him to come out with your group of friends, he'll quietly slip away before you know it to go his own way.

          A legend in the mist, we solute you Lone Wolf.

            #6 The Boys

            The Boys can be described by one word: Rowdy

            They flock to anywhere with loud music and cheap booze.

            They can't tell you where they've been other than that bar three blocks over because their days are spent recovering for another night of black out shenanigans.

            When you're looking for a big loud night, these are the guys to stick around.

              #7 The Artist

              They believe the world is a canvas.

              The artists spend their days meandering around looking for places to sketch in their journal, or for blank walls at hostel.

              They're always glad to trade their art for a couple nights stay whenever they find the opportunity.

              Ultimately they are a fun crowd to hank out although they can be a little spacey as their attention drifts off to the architecture and artwork around them.

                #8 The Mystery Man

                In the most literal sense of the word, he is travelling, but that doesn't seem to be the primary purpose he's there.

                He's been staying in this tourist town for weeks, but he hasn't seen any of the sites, nor has he done a tour.

                It's obvious to you he has another agenda but you have no idea what it is.

                It's not like he seems threatening, you just don't know why he is there and he's not at liberty to tell you.

                Who are you mystery man?

                  #9 The Narcissist

                  These people...

                  Why do they even travel?

                  They fly half way across the world to shit all over the local culture and life in general.

                  Maybe they came abroad in hopes that travelling would drag them out of their hole of self loathing, but just haven't made it out yet.

                  Honestly I don't care if they have a bad attitude or not, but the disrespect they lay down on the locals drives me nuts!

                    #10 The Penniless Hippies

                    These people claim they are on a pilgrimage around the world as they try to do the whole adventure with no money.

                    It's not really true though.

                    Most have earned the nickname of begpackers as they ask other tourists for money to cover their next meal, bus ticket, or hotel stay.

                    All the while the people tending the rice field across the street are breaking their backs for a dollar twenty five a day.

                    What will really drive you crazy is when you find out they have a trust fund waiting for them back home.


                      #11 That Couple

                      They are attached at the hip.

                      Why they are staying at a hostel who knows because they aren't socializing with anyone but themselves.

                      They're extremely friendly, but you'll need a Hollywood production to wedge yourself into their conversations.

                        #12 The Helpless Klutz

                        They brought way too much stuff with them.

                        They are oblivious to everything happening around them, and as a result they are getting injured, robbed, or taken advantage of every minute.

                        You can't help but feel sorry for them.

                        Even though they put on a smile to say despite everything they're having a good time, you don't believe them.

                          #13 The Media Mogul

                          If they can't film, snap, or gram every bit of their trip, did they even go?

                          They're soul focus of travelling is to collect as many tasty selfies as possible to make all their friends jealous back home.

                          Hanging out with these people can be exhausting as every outing requires trailblazing, waiting for the crowds to dissipate, wardrobe changes, etc.

                          All for the photo they believe is going to make their social media career.

                            #15 The Creep

                            Even though you haven't showered in days, you're definitely going to take one after meeting this guy.

                            He'll shadow any group in the hostel who'll let him.

                            Honestly he's probably not a bad guy, but his timing for social interactions are way off.

                            He seems to be putting on a facade and won't give it up.

                            You don't know what he wants and he's one bad statement away from ruining your night.

                            Just smile, nod, and hope he moves on to another group soon.

                              #16 The Bogus Shaman

                              Everything they see or do borders on the line of enlightenment.

                              To them anyway.

                              You'll almost always see them trying to don the local attire, but really are just wear the two dollar pants locals sell to hipster tourists.

                              It's really difficult to hold a conversation with them.

                              They tend to push their life and beliefs on you as they truly feel they are of a higher level of consciousness.

                              Tell me again how your fifteen minute conversation with a monk changed your life?

                              No really please don't.

                                #17 The Escapist

                                He might very well be a future "guy who never left".

                                The escapist has a history.

                                Maybe he was in the military, or he had a rough upbringing, or society just laid on him a little harder than the rest.

                                Whatever it is, he's come half way across the world to get away from it all.

                                He'll continue to roam until he's forgotten why he left in the first place, or he'll never leave set up a new life along the way.

                                The positive is they don't tend to carry the baggage of their past with them.

                                No past means they are living in the moment and are some of the most genuinely interesting people to talk to.

                                  #18 The Night Owl

                                  He'll always let you bum a cigarette, and he's always up for a drink, but beware it won't be a quick ordeal.

                                  While "the boys" like to party fast and hard, the night owl is a marathoner.

                                  An evening out with him doesn't end until their's light on the horizon.

                                  You wanted to go to bed three hours ago, but he's in the middle of long story and keeps pouring you drinks.

                                  Just when you think the night is over he'll coerce you into telling another story and having "one" more beer.

                                  I guess we aren't sleeping tonight.

                                    #19 The flash

                                    Her plans involve visiting twelve cities in six days spread over five countries.

                                    Is it even possible?

                                    She believes it is.

                                    She's in and out of tourist destinations like a comic book super hero.

                                    Her favorite part of her trip?

                                    It was a bowl of noodles, but she can't remember which country they were from.

                                    The majority of her trip is actually spent at airports and bus stations.


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