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The All In One Best Travel Camera


Finding the best travel camera is no easy task.

Simply going for the best performance is not enough.

It needs to be lightweight.

It needs to be compact.

It needs to handle harsh environments.

Reliability is key.

Each traveler has their own opinions.

Josh from High On Life has suggested a camera not often talked about in the travel community.

The RX10 IV

The Sony RX 10 IV is a bulky camera.

It’s limited to only one lens.

The sensor is a 1″ sensor.

A far cry from the full frame monsters the top travel vloggers use.

And yet this camera may be the perfect all in one.

While it is bulky, the range of the sensor and lens is huge.

There are slimmer cameras.

Like the Sony RX100 mV.

But those cameras have limited features.

There are cameras with interchangeable lens.

Like the Sony A7 III.

But having to carry interchangeable lenses adds a lot of bulk and weight.

When you consider all the accessories another camera like the a7 III needs to do what the RX10 IV can do…

Yes I know the A7 III can do a lot the RX10 IV can’t too…

You’d have a full backpack of just camera gear.

You’d need to dedicate one bag for just camera gear and a 2nd bag for your other travel gear.

The RX10 IV  might be bulky but at least it cuts down on all the other items you need.

It’s an all in one functional camera.

As you can see from Josh’s video it also takes great pictures and there are a number of ways to work around the RX10 IV‘s short comings.

I’ll admit I never considered this camera for travel before.

At face value it’s just an over sized camera with a less than perfect lens.

But as Josh explained it more, I realized this camera is actually a killer camera for travel.

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