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The Day I Almost Sank A Yacht

EP:14 | The Day I Almost Sank A Yacht

Welcome to Season 2 aka Episode 14. There will be plenty more interviews with travel influencers as well as stories from the road. In this episode I go way back to my early advetnures to recount the time I almost sank a yacht in the Florida Keys.

It’s been a while but the podcast is finally back. The first new episode of The James Finn Podcast is all about the time I almost sank an old sailing yacht I worked on in the Florida Keys.

I don’t want to ruin the story so if you’re bored at work or home and want to hear a crazy story, listen in.

I also added some sound effects to this story. It’s the first time trying it so if you liked it, or thought it was a distraction, let me know.


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