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The Evolution Of Travel Vlogging

After getting together once with the High On Life crew in Bali, the two Canadian travel vlogging power houses got together once again in their home town of Vancouver for a podcast session.

Christian LeBlanc, who recently amassed one million subscribers, was hosted on the new High On Life Podcast.

In this episode the group gets into the gritty on life as a travel vlogger.

They cover:

  • The history of travel vlogging

  • How Christian got his start and grew to 1 million subs

  • The current state of the genre and where it’s going

  • The highs and lows of the lifestyle

If you’re at all interested on how travelling YouTubers make a living this is definitely worth a listen.  

The profession is an incredible amount of work but it comes with rewards that few other jobs can offer.

This is a podcast.

Here is a link to the audio or you can find it on your favorite podcasting apps.

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