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The Kraken Race Starts Today

The Kraken Race is a sailing adventure unlike anything you have seen before.

Imagine the prestige of the Volvo Ocean Race.  A race that sends teams of the best sailors around the world from world class port to world class port.

Then think of the exact opposite of that.

The Kraken Race vessels are little more than wooden canoes with over sized sails.  Think of something a village fisherman might use in a 3rd world country and your nearly there.

The course runs the coast of the African nation of Tanzania.

The finish will take place on January 8th (GMT +3).

To follow along in the adventure, the organizing group has setup a live feed on their blog at:


If you have never heard of the Adventurists, you should check out their site.  They run a number of crazy adventures including the Monkey Run in Morocco and Rickshaw Run in Sri Lanka.

Imagine the stupidest most crazy fun adventures on the planet and that is exactly what The Adventurists are all about.  This group organizes activities that are guaranteed to generate life long memories as much as they do bumps, bruises, and tears.  One thing is for sure though.  These adventures put huge smiles on contestants faces.

*Images and Video from The Adventurists.

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