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The One App I Use More Than Anything Else While Travelling

The app I used most while travelling was not something specifically designed for travel but rather something that makes navigating the internet while travelling so much better.

The app I used most was the Nord VPN mobile app.

Hopefully you know in this day and age what a VPN is and what it does, but if not here’s a quick refresher.

What is a VPN?

Imagine you have one computer on one side of the world and there is another computer on the other side of the world you want to send a message to, but don’t want anyone else to see.

If you used the internet, there would be lots of computers between you and your destination that could spy on you.

So instead you decide to connect your computer to that far away computer with the world’s longest Ethernet cable.

Given the size of the earth and the average cost of Ethernet cable that wire would cost you about $16 million plus labor.

Not a very practical solution.

Instead we can do this virtually with a VPN.

VPN stands for virtual private network.

It allows you to connect two or more computers through a secure virtual tunnel even if they are in entirely different places.

This virtual tunnel makes it as if the computers are sitting right next to each other and no one else can monitor the communication going on in between.

Why a VPN is so handy for travel

A VPN is the perfect travel companion.

I never knew who might have been trying to pry into my business.

By routing my web traffic through a secure tunnel and out from a trusted source, I made sure no one was able to steal my information.

So did it work?I have yet to see my credit score tank nor did I notice any strange changes to my bank account or other online accounts.

Was it necessary?I would like to think so.

It wouldn’t be if I knew there was no one spying on me, but there’s no way to be certain.

If something did happen you better believe I would have regretted not using one.

There’s another reason I love having a VPN too.

Many countries, especially communist driven and monarchy driven ones, have plenty of restrictions on internet traffic.

Anything from certain business sites to personal blogs can be blocked for one reason or another.

With a VPN service like Nord VPN, I can choose almost any country to route my traffic through.

Any site I want to get to simply requires me to route my internet traffic through a country that allows it.

Ever tried to watch a movie you found online only to get the dreaded “This content is not supported in your region”?

For the same reasons above, I can choose a supported reason to operate out of and gain access.

It’s an easy win.

Who I trust

There are countless VPN services out there, but I put my trust in Nord VPN.

They have a lot of great views and a strong fan base.

They’ve been given top ratings by most tech authority sites.And best of all they’re cheap!For as little as $3 a month, it’s a no-brainer.

Nord VPN also works on all your devices so everything you own will be secure.

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