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The Perfect Guy's Travel Outfit

What makes an outfit the perfect travel outfit?

At the top of the list and above all else I would put versatility.  The perfect travel outfit needs to be at home on a back country trek, on an urban barhopping romp, in a temple tour, etc.  The key here is performance fabrics with a subtle look.

Other key features include:

  • Odor / bacterial aversion
  • Durability
  • Stain resistance
  • protection
  • breathability

Here is my list of clothing for the perfect men’s travel outfit.

#1 Ably: Robert Zip-up Hoodie

Ably's clothing is nothing short of astonishing. I wore several of their shirts exclusively while backpacking through Asia. They use this special cotton called Filium that holds up great as long as you follow the basic guidelines.
(I didn't listen to the guidelines and wore the same shirt everyday for six months before it finally broke down. That's pretty good!)

Their clothing checks off every item on the list except for maybe breathability. It's not that they aren't breathable, it just works differently from most clothing.

Ably clothing is virtually stain proof, and if properly taken care is odor free.

    #2 Ably: Jamison T-shirt

    Ably shirts are just freaking awesome. They score top marks for all the key features of a travel shirt and they have a timeless clean look that will blend in any environment.

    Don't be afraid of the breathability nick I gave them either. Ably shirts have a hydrophobic weave so they trap in sweat at first, but once they reach a point of saturation, they breath great just like a sports shirt. They dry out super fast too. It creates a really great cooling effect.

      #3 Cole Haan: 2.ZERØGRAND Oxford with Stitchlite™

      Cole Haan has done the impossible of creating a shoe that works great with shorts as well as pants. It fits in on light jog. It fits in around town. It fits in anywhere you need it to.

      These shoes are definitely pricey, but you're replacing several shoes with one which is key for light weight travel.

      (If you really can't get over the price, check out UA Street Encounters or Olukai Nohea Moku's)

        #4 Prana: Manchester Jeans

        Jeans for travelling has been one of the great travel debates of all time.
        I'm a pro jeans traveler. With many rugged adventures on my itinerary I need a pair of pants that can keep up. Plus jeans just about work for everything.

        These jeans have a cult like following. With the perfect blend of ruggedness and stretch these jeans will go further than any pair you've ever had.

          #5 Prana: Merrit Shorts

          The shorts to end all shorts!

          I have literally taken these shorts from surf, to golf, to bars without ever changing. These shorts can and will work in any environment. They're light weight, breathable, stretchy, and have a subtle look.

            #6 SAXX: Quest 2.0 Boxers

            When people ask what the one thing I couldn't travel without is, it's these. They are nothing short of life changing.

            Quest are the most comfortable boxers I have ever strapped on. In the muggy climates of South East Asia, I never gave my boxers a second thought. They did their job and were never a distraction. That's exactly what you want in a pair of boxers, something that stays put and doesn't get to hot.

            I love these boxers so much I replaced my entire boxer drawer with them. Not a cheap move at $35 a pair, but life has never been so grand.

            For extra staying power go for the 9" inseam.

              #7 Darn Tough: No Show

              Socks are something you just don't wan to worry about while travelling. You don't want them too hot, but you don't want cold feet either.

              Darn Tough makes some very durable socks, and being wool, they do a great job at thermo-regulation.


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